IncidentLocker is the safe and secure way to share CCTV clips.

A free IncidentLocker account can be upgraded with premium features such as a custom web page that allows you to receive anonymous tips through your own website.

By combining CCTV clips and Anonymous tips, IncidentLocker turns your CCTV system into a video intelligence network!

Why IncidentLocker?

If you own a CCTV system you'll appreciate the difficulties in managing CCTV clips

Clips are often too big to email, require special file players that the receiving party doesn't have or get bounced by corporate firewalls.

CCTV clips end up scattered across laptops, pc's, CD's, personal email accounts.

How it works

After upload the CCTV clips is converted into a web playable format so the receiving party needs no special software. Just a web browser

Also you can add additional information like access control logs, still pics and a description to really fill in the picture.

IncidentLocker notifies relevant managers in the business, like your health and safety manager whenever a safety related clip is uploaded.

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